Virtual Reality is not just for Porn!

Today virtual reality is not only a fad of the geeks and those odd dudes playing with their toys in the private backrooms sharing a fad of the few. Virtual reality is going mainstream, and you might ask yourself why…it is no secret that the technology is advancing so fast that soon we will have virtual reality technology applied to any area of our life. Specifically, virtual reality is going to have a huge impact on sports and entertainment, education, sex and sex our sex lives with virtual reality sexual therapies, in psychology and psychoanalysis patients will be able to sit with their virtual doctor in room, online dating as going to take a big shift with dates taking place in a virtual world allowing people to meet each other without any unnecessary risk, as mentioned in the Telegraph “DNA matching and virtual reality: The world of online dating in 2040″. And WIRED just came out with a splendid article about Ozo, Nokia’s new VR camera: Nokia’s Ozo VR Camera Marks a Rebirth for the Phone Giant.  Virtual reality is changing the face of journalism with virtual reality experience brought straight from the front lines of civil wars and tackling hunger crisis throughout America, in a Ted talk last May the journalist Ana Serrano presented her work combining news reporting and virtual reality technology, Life inside the bubble of a virtual reality world | Ana Serrano | TEDxToronto. Virtual reality is also going to transform our history with amazing history tours planned for virtual reality glasses. Kolakata Jadavpur University and the University of Liverpool are working on a project to bring the Victoria Memorial Hall to life This virtual reality app takes you on a timeless journey to 19th century Kolkata

In education experiences such as the Apollo 11 virtual reality experience are now live with the help of  VR Immersive Education and their motto “Learn Through Experience” students can actually get to live what they are taught, hear the sounds and feel the sensations in their body as they go through the virtual reality presentation.

So, I invite you to buy yourself a set of virtual reality headsets, hook them up to your Smartphone and enjoy the ride!